Kwp2000 Plus Ecu Flashing Cable - For Bmw Vw Mercedes Ford

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The KWP2000 Plus ECU Flashing Cable (OBDII compatible) lets you improve your car"s fuel efficiency, power, responsiveness, and torque, all from your laptop.

This KWP2000 Plus ECU flasher and a laptop computer are all you need to turn your normal ride into a powerful, responsive, fuel efficient speed demon. By reading and writing data to your car"s engine control units (ECU), you can achieve better initial acceleration, more responsiveness with less throttle input in all gears, gains on power and torque throughout the entire rev range, and overall improvements in your vehicle"s torque, power, and brake horsepower (BHP). Normal petrol engines can achieve up to 15% gains in BHP and up to 20% more torque on the entire rev range. Petrol turbo engines can achieve up to 30% more BHP, and diesel turbo engines can achieve up to 50% more BHP and 75% more torque. These improvements reduce the need to shift down unnecessarily and allow you to overtake your competitors quickly and safely.

Paying a professional mechanic to make just one of these changes for you would cost an arm and a leg, and probably a little bit of your fender, too. After just a short time of use, this cable will effectively pay for itself in the money you save on gas and maintenance. Plus, driving will be much more fun!

Using this cable and the included software is easy. There is no need to physically replace chips, connect extra wires, or adjust hardware. Just connect one end of the cable to your computer"s USB port and the other end to your car"s OBD port. You can now easily read and write data to your car"s ECU with the user friendly software.

This KWP2000 Plus ECU flasher is an indispensable tool for car mechanics, speed racers, and D.I.Y. garage mech (do-it-yourself grease monk). Get one for yourself or the grease monkey on your list. Or take advantage of this unbeatable price to resell this item on eBay. Available from your best source of high quality electronics, SureShop.

At a Glance...
  • KWP2000 Plus
  • OBDII compatible
  • USB to OBDII
  • Read, write, and remap ECUs
  • ECU memory backup
  • Increase fuel efficiency
  • Improve BHP, torque, and power
  • ECU Flashing Cable for BMW, VW, Mercedes, Ford

Manufacturer Specifications

    • Compatible Car Brands: BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Ford, Nissan, Ferrari, Hyundai, Volvo, Mini, Izuzu, Honda, Kia, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lancia, Smart, Cirtoen, Peugeout, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Chrysler, Opel, Renault, Rover
    • Supported OS: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP

    • USB Port
    • OBD-II Plug 16-Pin (Male)

    • Cable Length: 1410mm
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    Product Notes
    • Savings on fuel efficiency mean this cable pays for itself
    • As the wholesaler, we provide the package containing this car diagnostic and maintenance cable. We cannot give any customer support regarding its use. If you have questions regarding the use of this product you will need to search internet forums related to car care and maintenance. We cannot give any support or advice on how to use this product and we sell it without software.

    Package Contents
    • KWP2000 Plus Flasher Interface Cable
    • OBD2 Connection Cable
    • 20-Pin BMW Connection Cable
    • Female Banana Cable
    • 38-Pin Mercedes Connection Cable
    • CD Containing User Manual
    • Power Connectors
    • USB Cable

    FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
    • Can I use this cable with the KWP2000 software or another software called ___________ that my friend recommended? Yes, it should work with KWP2000 and it may work with other PC diagnostic software, however we do not provide support or recommendations regarding software for this product.
    • Does this cable let me perform chip tuning? Technically, "chip tuning" refers to physically replacing ECU ROM. The advantage of this cable is that you do not have to physically replace or alter any hardware in your vehicle. Simply plug one end of this cable into your vehicle"s OBD port and the other end into your computer. You can now perform ECU flashing on your computer.
    • Can I flash all of my ECUs? Can I backup data from all my ECUs? Some ECUs can not be flashed with this OBDII connector. In this case you have to remove the ECU from the car to flash it. Some ECUs can not be saved with this flasher.
    • Do I need to have my engine on to flash my ECUs? No, you only need to have your ignition on: the key should be in position 2.
    • Once I"ve connected this cable to my car, how do I read and write my car"s ECUs? First turn the ignition on to position 2. Do not turn on the engine. On your computer, select the ECU you want to access from a list. To read the ECU, click the "Read" button to access the original data. Save the file to your computer"s hard drive for editing. To write to an ECU, click the "Write" button and follow the instructions on screen. When you are finished, turn off the ignition and wait 10 seconds. That"s it!
    • There are a lot of terms I don"t understand, like engine control units (ECUs), brake horsepower (BHP), and flashing. What do they all mean? Please check Wikipedia for a detailed explanation of these and other terms that are new to you.
    • I am a complete newbie when it comes to cars, but I really want to race my car. Is this the right kit for me?Actually, using this cable and its software interface is so easy that if you can use a computer, you can definitely use it. However, if you don"t know anything about cars, ECUs, or flashing, we highly recommend that you ask a friend or mechanic for help before you start writing to your car"s ECUs. But don"t worry, if you make a backup of your car"s data first, you will be able to restore your car"s data if you make a mistake later.

    Additional Info

    Additional Information

    Codice Articolo CDT-1811
    Preis 44,90 €
    Marke SureShop
    Modell OEM
    Farbe Schwarz
    Anschlüsse Nein
    Türen USB 2.0
    Andere Funktionen Nein
    Maße 1410mm
    Gewicht N/A
    • KWP2000 Plus Flasher Interface Cable
    • OBD2 Connection Cable
    • 20-Pin BMW Connection Cable
    • Female Banana Cable
    • 38-Pin Mercedes Connection Cable
    • CD Containing User Manual
    • Power Connectors
    • usb Cable
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